Intelligent connectivity and next generation technologies, like 5G, Artificial Intelligence,
Robotics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Genomics and Biotechnology,
networks, and nanotechnology, are transforming the way we connect, communicate and

Beyond 4.0 is designed to address today’s needs and become the melting pot of the world’s
brightest minds, talents, and products. From top speakers and exhibitions to open innovation,
live experiences and product launches. The proving ground for the world's business leaders,
pioneering thinkers, leading-edge technology, the global stage where next-generation
innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

For the first time in Greece, Beyond 4.0 will offer a dedicated stage for all those who thrive in
the business of consumer technologies, a hybrid “exhibition meets summit” platform. It aims to
transform Thessaloniki into a technology and innovation hub for the broader region and
contribute constructively into Greece’s digital transformation

BEYOND 4.0 offers a variety of activations, in the context of the 4 days duration of the show:
▪ A trade show in an exhibition area of more than 25.000sqm where corporations, media and
start-ups along with research centers and universities will have the opportunity to showcase
their products and services and network.
▪ A 2-day conference where internationally thought leaders, institutions, governmental
representatives, corporates and start up founders will present the trends of the new tech era.
▪ Β2Β meetings between corporations and professionals

▪ Workshops, learning & networking opportunities
▪ Experiences and special events and big corporate presentations for new product and
service launches