The essence of civilization and democracy was created in the heart of Ancient Greece.
Prominent philosophies were created about free will, ethics, and the meaning of a purposeful
life. Today, as the fundamental discussions emerge regarding what happens Beyond the
Industrial Revolution 4.0 we are brought back to the very initial discussions of the Ancient

How do the aspects of the digital transformation interact with contemporary social norms that
ultimately shape the future we live in? Old spiritual and philosophical questions are now
practical engineering decisions which you cannot escape as best stated by Yuval Noah Harari.
As such, Beyond 4.0 is born in Greece – in Thessaloniki, at the foot of Mountain Olympos – to
enlighten this very discussion once again from its ancestors. It’s our responsibility to know the
times we’re living in; and we cannot know them unless we harness the technologies that shape
our present. Only then can we make sustainable choices for our future.

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